The TSI 8150 Automated Filter Tester is here

Meet the new TSI 8150 Automated Filter Tester.


The Automated Filter Tester Model 8150 is for 100% quality assurance testing of P100, FFP3 and similar respiratory filters and cartridges directly in the production line.


The 8150 is a highly compact automated filter tester that can easily be retrofitted into any existing production line. Using much of the same technologies, it provides matching results to the Automated Filter Tester 8130A while being optimized for high-volume throughput and round-the-clock remote operation.



  • Fast measurement & cycle times for high-throughput
  • Excellent comparability of results to the model 8130A that is used for certification
  • Small footprint for easy integration into existing & new production lines
  • Two simultaneously measuring photometers for best performance
  • Fast recovery time after detecting defective filters to minimize subsequent false failures


Keep reading to find out more about the TSI 8150, or use the contact form to get in touch with our team.

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The TSI 8150 Automated Filter Tester:

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