The new FlowCam LO: built for biopharma

One instrument. One sample run. Two analytical methods.


Developed by Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies for the biopharma market, the FlowCam® LO is the first instrument to combine LO with flow imaging microscopy (FIM), bringing together two critical particle characterisation techniques to speed drug development while adhering to regulatory requirements.


Light obscuration (LO) has been a standard way of measuring and monitoring particulate matter in biopharmaceuticals, however size and counts from LO alone are not adequate to ensure product quality and stability – orthogonal particle characterisation methods are also necessary.


In the past, this has required separate analyses using different instruments. Now, there is a single solution.


With the FlowCam LO, you can now:

  • Correlate light obscuration data with flow imaging microscopy
  • Reconcile data from a single sample, and a single run with two different technologies
  • Save time and sample quantities by using a single instrument
  • Obtain full particle characterisation and improved sample throughput time in a single step


Meet compliance standards and perform verification with high-resolution images all with one easy to use machine. Keep reading below to find out more about the LO, or get in touch with our team using the contact form.

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Introducing the FlowCam LO: Flow Imaging Microscopy with Light Obscuration

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