Noise and heat stress monitors for rent

Noise and heat stress are not just inconveniences in the workplace.


Prolonged exposure to heightened sound levels may result in hearing loss, while elevated temperatures can give rise to heat-related illnesses, both of which present significant risks to the safety of workers.

Exposure to elevated temperatures can give rise to heat-related illnesses in the workplace


New to our rental fleet, TSI’s Quest range of sound level meters and heat stress monitors are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use in demanding physical environments.


Engineered for high performance, these products quickly and accurately evaluate potential exposure issues, allowing you to make informed safety decisions on the go.


Is workplace noise or heat a concern for you? Find out more about rental solutions for noise and heat stress monitoring below, or get in touch with our rental team using the contact form. 

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Did you know? 

We offer up to 20% off our standard rental rates for instruments you rent while your own unit is being calibrated, and for equipment that is hired long-term. Ask our team for details.

Noise and heat stress monitors for rent:

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