Now’s the time to upgrade your 8520 DustTrak

We hinted before that the 8520 would soon be unserviceable… it’s now about to become more so.


As well as no longer carrying spare parts for the discontinued TSI 8520 DustTrak Aerosol Monitor (which means unfortunately no service or repair), due to an upgrade to our calibration system (to better service your units in the future) we will unfortunately no longer be able to calibrate the 8520.


Your options?


  1. Do nothing – keep using your unit until it stops working or reaches its calibration expiry date. We’ll try our best to keep you unit running, but we cannot guarantee that we can fix it.


  1. Trade it in – upgrade to a new TSI DustTrak desktop or handheld and get a discount off list price. Future-proof your dust and aerosol monitoring requirements with a current model or system.


Therefore, if you (or someone you know) is still holding on to your old 8520 and plan to be monitoring past the next year, now’s a good time to consider upgrading to either a new desktop unit, handheld unit or complete system.


Ready to trade? Get in touch using the contact form provided or call our team on 03 9873 1022 to discuss your options and Trade-in pricing.

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*Offer ends 31 Dec 2018.