Kenelec Scientific: Official Supporters of RESP-FIT

Kenelec Scientific are proud to support RESP-FIT – a program developed by the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH) to improve worker health protection by improving the competency of fit testers in Australia.


What is RESP-FIT?

RESP-FIT is a national respirator protective equipment (RPE) fit testing training and accreditation program developed to improve the competency of fit testers against both the Australian and international ISO respirator standards for fit testing. RESP-FIT was developed by AIOH through close collaboration with many industry stakeholders such as:

  • Current RPE fit testers
  • State & territory WHS/OHS Regulators
  • RPE manufacturers and distributors
  • Industry, workers and members of the AIOH


What’s RESP-FIT’s objective?


The objective of RESP-FIT is to improve worker health protection of those wearing tight fitting respiratory protective equipment, through reliable respirator fit testing by competent fit testers in Australia.

It is also to provide information and tools for workplaces to make an informed decision on RPE fit testing that is appropriate and suitable for their working environment and controls.


Why conduct a RPE Fit Test?


A RPE fit test is a method for checking that a tight fitting facepiece matches the persons facial features and seals adequately. It will also help to identify unsuitable facepieces which should not be used.

Even after selecting the correct RPE, often it may not fit properly because of facial shapes, beards and stubble, and as a result the worker will not be protected.

Only fit testing can provide confidence to both the worker and the employer/PCBU that the RPE can adequately fit and will provide the intended protection when correctly worn each and every time on the job.


Is RESP-FIT for you?


If you are fit testing your own workforce, providing fit testing services, interested in a recognised accreditation for fit testing or would like to be able to demonstrate competency in fit testing, then yes, RESP-FIT is for you.

For more information, visit the RESP-FIT website.

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