Manage your HVAC system during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly raised awareness over indoor air quality for building managers.


Whether you are working in schools, offices, or other commercial buildings, increased HVAC system ventilation is recommended as a key control initiative to bring fresh outdoor air into the building and reduce the occupant exposure to airborne viruses, including those that causes COVID-19.


Opening windows will help bring in fresh outdoor air, but it may not be practical for all buildings or in all weather conditions. Therefore, we are relying on the mechanic HVAC systems to protect ourselves and others. But how do you know the amount of outdoor air is being delivered?  Before bringing more air inside your building, take a look at the TSI article below and find out the steps to measure the percentage of outdoor air coming in.


See the article here.

Click below and go through important steps to get your building’s HVAC system ready; keep scrolling to see our professional instruments, helping you calculate the percentage of outdoor air and measure volume of delivered air; or use the contact form and get in touch with our team.

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Our product range:

Instruments with built-in percentage outdoor air calculation workflow

TSI 7525 IAQ-Calc Indoor Air Quality Meter

TSI 7545 IAQ-Calc Indoor Air Quality Meter

TSI 7575 Q-Trak Multi-Function Indoor Air Quality Monitor

TSI 9565 VelociCalc Multi-Function Ventilation Meter

Instruments to measure total volume of delivered air

TSI 8380 AccuBalance Air Capture Hood

TSI 5825 DP-CALC Micromanometer

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