FlowCam Cyano at Cyanobacteria Workshop

7th Australian and New Zealand Cyanobacteria Workshop


The way in which utilities monitor and control harmful algal blooms is changing.


The FlowCam Cyano, a flow imaging microscope for high volume, routine analysis, was designed to meet the needs of water utilities and monitoring agencies. The FlowCam will help you monitor cyanobacteria, taste and odour organisms and filter-clogging diatoms. Excel-based reports are generated in as little as 10 minutes, enabling a timely treatment response.


With the FlowCam, you can:


  • Monitor taste and odour producing algae
  • Track cyanobacteria as part of a toxin monitoring program
  • Detect filter-clogging diatoms
  • Calculate cell counts and concentration of each taxa
  • Monitor filter performance
  • Count and measure any particle in a water sample


Find out more about the FlowCam Cyano here


Hear it for yourself – we invite you to attend the 7th Australian and New Zealand Cyanobacteria Workshop to learn more about the FlowCam® Cyano. Register to join us and learn how the FlowCam can help with your monitoring needs.

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More information:

The FlowCam Cyano: A Rapid Detection and Screening Tool for HAB Monitoring Programs

When: Wednesday, September 29th, 14:45

Authors: Polly Barrowman, Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies; Hunter Adams, City of Wichita Falls, Texas; Simon Rembold, Kenelec Scientific

Presentation Summary: The way in which utilities monitor and control harmful algal blooms is changing. New technology and multifaceted approaches are starting to become a routine part of HAB monitoring programs. Here we will present a brief introduction to the FlowCam Cyano technology, detailing how this rapid identification and enumeration method can help utilities see and react to algal blooms in their nascent stages. Highlighting the City of Wichita in Texas, we will show how the FlowCam is integrated into this city’s monitoring strategy in conjunction with other rapid techniques such as qPCR and how this approach informs their treatment decisions.

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