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Upgrade your PortaCount® 8038 software to FitPro™ Ultra

If you own a PortaCount® 8038 and want to experience the features and benefits of the latest generation PortaCount® 8048, now it’s time to upgrade it with FitPro™ Ultra Fit Test Software.

With the launch of the latest generation PortaCount® Respirator Fit Tester (models 8040 and 8048) came the new and improved FitPro™ Ultra Fit Test Software – Packed with several features and benefits to take your fit testing to a whole new level.

Previously only available to 8048 users, FitPro™ Ultra Fit Test Software is now also compatible with the PortaCount® 8038 Respirator Fit Tester.


Benefits of Purchasing the Upgrade to FitPro™ Ultra Fit Test Software:

  • Keep using your 8038 instrument to enjoy the new features of 8048
  • Fit test records for 8038 can now reside in FitPro™ Ultra database structure.
  • Own a mix of instruments and use a single and newer software platform with connected databases.
  • Transit your program to newer instruments easily in the future or working with both generations of instruments simultaneously.
  • Eliminates dual database management for different generation of instruments.


New Features of the FULL version of FitPro™ Ultra software:

  • Intelligent Fit Testing navigation, data structures and databases, reports, all other core tools
  • Access to future feature updates
  • Fit test step animations
  • Real-time fit factor gauge shown during fit tests
  • FitCheck™ Mode with real-time gauge and graph


Experience the advanced features and simplicity the FitPro™ Ultra Fit Test Software can bring to your 8038. Fill out the contact form to get in touch with our team for more information.

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