Accurate duct leakage testing made easy with PANDA

Don’t let the cute name fool you. This machine packs a powerful punch.


Leakage in commercial ducts can result in high operating costs as more air and energy are needed to maintain standard conditions. Duct leakage testing is a necessity to ensure costs are kept down and systems meet required standards.


While its competitors may have a bit of a price advantage, the technical features the PAN341 Duct Leakage Tester (PANDA) from Airflow Instruments offers means that this instrument offers big savings in the long term.


Unlike most leakage testers available today, the PANDA is capable of automatically calculating the leakage flow rates in real-time and correcting them to standard conditions using the built-in barometer and temperature sensor, providing fast and accurate quantitative results that are compliant to regulatory requirements.


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The PANDA comes complete with the handheld TA465-P Multi-Function Instrument and PVM610 Micromanometer (with EN & SMACNA standards pre-programed) for superior accuracy when measuring flow, pressure and temperature, which can also be used as standalone units, increasing the versatility of your kit.


Other standout features include:


  • VFD as standard so no need to change orifice plates
  • Very easy to connect with camlock fittings
  • Simplified logging capability
  • Time/Date stamp on each data set
  • Indicates PASS/FAIL status according to selectable defined leakage classifications
  • Report generation and validation


Further details – including spec sheets, user manual and application notes – can be found on the PANDA product page.


Or if you’re in Melbourne contact us to book a demonstration.

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