Accessories to add value to your HVAC monitoring kit

Working with small vents today? Need a larger capture area for the next job?


Expand the versatility of your basic monitoring kit with a range of accessories (beyond your standard pitot tubes) specifically designed for use with TSI and Airflow Instruments branded air capture hoods and anemometers.


These provide additional functionality, including stands that allow hands-free operation, expansion kits that increase sampling capacity and attachments that allow your instrument to be used for a greater range of applications, giving you more options and saving you time.


Whether you are using an air capture hood, a handheld anemometer, both or other, we will have an accessory to improve its function. Mix and match to find what fits you best.


Check out some suggested combinations below, and contact our Sales team if you have any questions.

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Go big.

Hood Expansion Kits

Expand the capacity of your air capture hood with an expansion kit. Multiple sizes available.


Go small.

Air Cone Kit

Rugged, reliable and easy to transport. Ideal for toilet fans and other small outlets.


Go up.

Capture Hood Stand

Effortlessly reach ceiling diffusers and and grilles up to 4.5m. Also available as 8380-STA package.


Go long.

Telescoping Pitot Tube

Useful where multiple pitot lengths are required, or replace several pitot tubes with a single product.


Go …average?

Air Velocity Matrix

Obtain area-averaged multi-point air velocity measurements, useful for large surface areas.

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