TSI Itasca Solid State Laser Module

TSI Itasca Solid State Laser Module

The Itasca solid state laser module is a specially-designed laser source for TSI’s Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV) and Phase Doppler Particle Analyzer (PDPA) systems. This solid state laser module provides integrated frequency shifted and unshifted beams, making it ready to generate the measurement volume in LDV or PDPA arrangements with TSI’s fiber optic probes. The powerful and stable laser module operates without the need for external cooling, and operates on standard wall plug power supplies.

Two setup options are available. The first option involves mounting two fiber optic couplers on the module so that any TSI fiber optic probe transmitter or receiver probe can be attached. The second option is to attach a focusing lens directly at the output of the two beams, transforming the module into a powerful transmitting probe for PDPA arrangements.


  • Excellent beam quality enhances signal to noise ratio (SNR), enabling data captures in the most taxing applications
  • High laser power for enhanced data rates
  • Easy integration and simple alignment saves set-up time
  • Modules with 532, 514 and 546 nm wavelengths for 1D, 2D and 3D arrangements


  • Underwater applications
  • Wind tunnel and water tunnel flows
  • Internal combustion engine flows
  • Perfect for both confined regions and large-scale facilities