TSI 3088 Advanced Aerosol Neutraliser

TSI 3088 Advanced Aerosol Neutraliser

The TSI 3088 Advanced Aerosol Neutraliser offers an alternative to traditional radioactive neutralisers, frequently required for aerosol measurement applications. Due to increasingly stringent local, state and national regulations obtaining licensing to acquire and use radioactive sources is often difficult and in some cases prohibited. Fully compliant with US FDA, CDRH standards, the 3088 (U.S. Patent 7,796,727) provides an attractive alternative, with sizing performance virtually identical to the TSI 3077A Aerosol Neutralizer.


  • Nonradioactive alternative to 85Kr, 210Po and 241Am aerosol neutralisers
  • Virtually identical sizing to radioactive neutralisers: geometric means and geometric standard deviations within 5%
  • No transportation restrictions simplifies buying, using, and handling aerosol neutralisers
  • Compatible with TSI’s SMPS™ spectrometers Models 3938, 3936, and 3034 and TSI’s Electrostatic Classifier Model 3082 and 3080 Series
  • Electronic device-easily turned on and off with 7s response time
  • Bipolar diffusion charger balanced levels of positive and negative ions
  • No particle generation
  • Neutralises particle concentrations up to 107 particles/cm3


  • Submicron aerosol sizing
  • Mobile and field studies
  • Aerosol charging investigations
  • Monodisperse aerosol generation