ESL NWR213 Laser Ablation System

The industry’s gold standard in 213nm solid state laser ablation, and the most successful laser ablation instrument of all time. The NWR213™ is an affordable, yet no compromise instrument suitable for a wide range of applications. A perfect complement to any ICP, ICP-MS noble gas or stable isotope mass spectrometer.

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  • ESL manufactured, internally homogenised, optically attenuated laser source for long life and unmatched stability at 213nm
  • > 30 J cm-2 fluence (energy density) at the sample surface – the highest in class
  • Widest spot size range of 4-250 microns
  • Unmatched high definition viewing with 3 LED based light sources and cross polarization
  • Touch screen, wide angle navigation
  • 100mm x 10mm, high performance TwoVol ablation chamber with non-cantilevered mounting
  • High precision X Y stages
  • ActiveView software including layer management, log-file generation, and direct fluence input
  • Optional TrueLine ablation cell technology with ultra-fast washout time
  • Optional rotating XY (XYR) shutter for square and rectangular ablations
  • Optional infinitely variable aperture (IVA) spot size selection


  • Geochronology
  • Elemental ratios
  • Isotope ratios
  • Purity testing
  • Material characterization
  • Bulk Analysis
  • Failure Analysis
  • (Bio-) Imaging/Mapping
  • Depth Profiling


  • Biological/plant materials
  • Rocks, minerals, glasses, plastics, powders, biological, thin films, ceramics, metals and alloys
  • Analysis of geological materials, including volcanic glasses, silicate minerals and calcite
  • Direct analysis of pressed powders
  • Bulk analysis on metals, alloys, polymers and ceramics
  • Micro-feature analysis on fluid inclusions in quartz and halite
  • Direct micro-analysis on mineral grains
  • Elemental imaging