Chemtrac LCA-01 LCA-02 LCA-03 Laboratory Charge Analyser

Chemtrac LCA-01 / LCA-02 / LCA-03 Laboratory Charge Analyser

The Chemtrac Laboratory Charge Analyser (LCA) is an essential coagulation optimisation tool for the water treatment professional. The LCA allows the user to determine the ideal coagulant dosage needed to achieve optimum NTU and TOC reduction in less than 5 minutes typically, earning it the moniker “5 minute jar tester”. The process of finding the optimum dosage simply involves feeding in a measured volume of coagulant into the raw water sample until the reading on the LCA indicates complete charge neutralisation has been obtained. Some pH adjustment may be required to achieve accurate test results. An option for pH measurement allows the user to also quickly determine the dosage rate of additives like lime or caustic when needed to raise the coagulation pH of low alkalinity waters. Titration of the coagulant and pH adjustment additives can be performed manually using the LCA-1, or with the touch of a button using the auto-titration features that come standard on models LCA-2 and LCA-3. The automatic titration feature further simplifies the testing process and helps ensure the most accurate results possible.


  • Quickly determine optimum dosage of coagulant needed to achieve charge neutralisation and optimise NTU and TOC removal
  • Great for assessing minimum dosage of base needed to raise pH in low alkalinity waters to optimise coagulation
  • Large sample size and magnetic stirrer ensures accurate results


  • LCA-01
  • LCA-02
  • LCA-03