Australasian Heat and Mass Transfer Conference 2018

The Australasian Heat and Mass Transfer Conference (AHMTC) brings together researchers to meet and present their work to the heat and mass transfer community. This conference covers both fundamental and applied topics in broad areas of convection, conduction, radiation, turbulence, multi-phase...

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Save $250 on selected flowmeters this EOFY

The TSI range of General Purpose Flowmeters enable accurate and reliable measurement of gas flow in clinical, industrial or laboratory settings, with fast response rate and multiple data output options available over a wide flow range. Whether used in stand-alone or embedded applications, these silent...

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They’re back: AIRAH Trade Nights 2018

Kenelec Scientific will once again be exhibiting at various AIRAH Trade Nights across the country in 2018, showcasing a range of HVAC instruments and accessories from TSI, including the popular AccuBalance Air Capture Hood, instruments from the VelociCalc range as well as the (still relatively)...

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International Geoanalysis Conference 2018

The 10th International Conference on the Analysis of Geological and Environmental Materials - Geoanalysis 2018 - is the premier conference dedicated to chemical analysis in the field of earth and mineral resources science. Geoanalysis meetings are a great forum to meet with colleagues and discuss...

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Accessories to add value to your HVAC monitoring kit

Expand the versatility of your basic monitoring kit with a range of accessories (beyond your standard pitot tubes) specifically designed for use with TSI and Airflow Instruments branded air capture hoods and anemometers. These provide additional functionality, including stands that allow hands-free operation, expansion kits...

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Online RMA application form now available

Does your unit need to come to us for calibration, service or repair? You can now fill out your Return Material Authorisation (RMA) application form online! Your RMA number helps our team to deliver your unit to the correct service department, and ensures your unit...

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Meet the next generation PortaCount 8040 and 8048

Recently launched by TSI, the new PortaCount platform offers new software and features that will revolutionise your program's efficiency and productivity to assure worker safety. With an intuitive interface featuring animated guides, wi-fi connectivity and real-time results, the new series builds on the strengths of...

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Accurate duct leakage testing made easy with PANDA

Leakage in commercial ducts can result in high operating costs as more air and energy are needed to maintain standard conditions. Duct leakage testing is a necessity to ensure costs are kept down and systems meet required standards. While its competitors may have a...

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Flowmeter Calibration Now Available in Melbourne

We've upgraded our calibration facilities and are excited to announce that we are now able to offer As Found calibration for general purpose flowmeters at our Melbourne office. Whereas previously we would need to ship your unit overseas to be calibrated, our new lab means...

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