Calibration Lab Christmas Shutdown 2017

While we like to be up and running as much as possible, we all have to take a break sometime.


Our busy calibration department will be closing its doors from Mon 18 Dec 2017 for a short break over Christmas, and will re-open on Mon 8 Jan 2018.


If you require your instrument calibrated and returned to you before the Christmas break, please make sure that your unit arrives at our Melbourne office by Friday 1 December 2017 to allow for our standard 10 business days turnaround time. 


Units received after this date unfortunately may not be calibrated until our labs re-open, which will mean your unit will be available mid- to late- January 2018.


Fast-track calibrations will be available subject to availability – please contact our calibration team to confirm before you book in your unit, or if you have any other questions about booking your calibration over this time.

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*PLEASE NOTE – our offices will be shutting down on the afternoon of Fri 22 Dec, and will re-open on Tue 2 Jan 2018.