TSI Powersight Module


The PowerSight module includes solid state lasers together with transmitting and receiving optics. The result is a single, compact transceiver for maximum flexibility and accuracy with minimal setup time. Three models of the PowerSight module are available to accommodate system configurations from 1D to 3D of velocity components.




  • Compact size allows for flexible measurements and easy integration with traverse mechanisms
  • Easy to upgrade from 1D to 2D and 3D configurations
  • High power lasers provide high SNR for high speed and complex flows
  • Unique ability to couple with fibre optic probes offers flexibility of the fibre optics arrangement, allowing measurements in underwater conditions, hostile environments and large wind tunnels
  • Beam expanders can be fitted onto the PowerSight module, providing long focal distance for flow measurements in large facilities


  • Supersonic flows
  • Turbulent flows and boundary layer flows
  • Large-scale wind tunnel flows
  • Water channel flows
  • Low-speed flows with occasional spray measurements
  • Automotive fuel spray
  • Medical inhaler spray
  • Aircraft combustor spray