Micro Bubble Generator – BG-1000


The TSI BG-1000 surfactant/water-based micro bubble generator (patent pending*), is designed to produce large amounts of bubbles as seed particles for Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) – planar and volumetric, for flow measurements in wind tunnels (opened or closed type) or open environments. The bubbles, with a mean diameter of 15 microns, are excellent to follow the flow around small structures or in boundary layer, to provide measurements with the highest accuracy and spatial resolution. The high concentration output of 107 bubbles/s and the long residence time, make this generator the ideal choice for your flow applications.

*Patent pending US 2011/0284648 A1

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  • Bubbles with size of 15μm and neutrally buoyant in air flow environment
  • Bubbles spherical in shape, generating high intensity for large field of view or volume, at magnification of 0.025 or higher, without glared points
  • Long residence time of more than 30 minutes, making long time duration measurements feasible
  • Short settling velocity of 0.18 mm/s, giving the fidelity for the bubbles to follow flow around small structures
  • High bubble output of more than 107 bubbles/s and high concentration of 20,000 bubbles/cc at the exit of nozzle, allowing the extraction of the smallest flow structure in measurements
  • Non-toxic and non-stick on window surface due to the low viscosity of the surfactant/water mixture
  • Easy to operate, as the generator is ready to be used in less than 5 minutes
  • Low cost of operation and ownership with simple and easy maintenance procedures without additional gas to purchase


  • Wind tunnel flows
  • Airflows in large scale facilities
  • Turbulent boundary layers
  • Flows around airfoil or objects
  • Wake flows
  • Two phase flows