Litron Nano Series Compact Lasers

The Nano series of pulsed Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers have been designed to satisfy the demands of customers today. With industry leading performance in every respect, and unsurpassed design and build quality, the Nano series sets the new benchmark for laser systems today.
At the heart of all lasers in the Nano range is a robust monolithic resonator machined from a solid piece of aluminium leading to a solid and stable platform on which the systems are built. Ultra-stable mirror mounts, a stainless steel pumping chamber with close coupled ceramic reflectors, and proprietary long-life flashlamps result in homogeneous, stable outputs.

The choice of resonators available again sets the range apart, as standard we offer stable (Nano S, Nano L), telescopic (Nano T, Nano TRL) or Gaussian-coupled unstable resonators (Nano SG, Nano LG, Nano TRL).

Accessories such as harmonic generators and variable attenuators are added as modular ‘bolt-on’ attachments and can be added and removed as required. All harmonics to the fifth (213nm) are available as standard, either individually or mixed.

All lasers in the range are supplied with fully integrated power supply and cooler units with no need for external water (except some Nano TRL models). All power supplies have a full interlock suite making setup and fault diagnosis easy. An industry standard TTL interface allows external control of both the flashlamp and Q-switch. Other system controls are accessible via the supplied system remote controller or RS232. When running with RS232 a full software suite, dll and byte code documentation is provided.


  • Output energies up to 320mJ
  • Stable telescopic resonator
  • Electronically verified safety shutter
  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th harmonics
  • High energy TEMoo option available


  • Nano S Series
  • Nano L Series
  • Nano T Series
  • Nano SG Series
  • Nano LG Series


  • PIV
  • LIBS
  • Spectroscopy
  • ESPI
  • Pump Source