ITS MIX-ITOMETER for Monitoring Mixing

ITS has developed the MIX-ITOMETER based on years of experience in delivering tomography solutions to mixing problems.


Previously known as “Optomix”, the MIX-ITOMETER package consists of:

      • Probe (which goes into the process)
      • Instrument (delivered in standard IP67 enclosure)
      • Software and technical support


The MIX-ITOMETER probe is used in batch mixers; replacing an existing baffle, it measures average concentration and a mixing index by surveying more than 200 locations inside the process vessel. The probe electrodes are manufactured in 316 steel, tantalum, Hastelloy or other materials, with the probe’s body typically made from chemically resistant PTFE. Other materials can also be applied, up to glass coated steel baffles for particularly demanding processes.


Where necessary, the MIX-ITOMETER can be supplied with ATEX certified module so the sensor can be placed in a hazardous atmosphere (certified to EEx ia IIC T6). With an ATEX certified system, the instrument should be placed at a safe distance from the process or sited in a purged enclosure.


Data generated by the MIX-ITOMETER is output as a 4-20mA signal, covering average concentration and mixing index. This control output can be used to automatically start mixing when new ingredients are added and then stopped once mixing is achieved. In the same way, solids can be maintained in suspension with the impeller starting at a defined mixing level and switched off once solids are well mixed. MIX-ITOMETER software also provides users with a visual representation of mixing in real time using a PC-based interface.