ITS FROTH-ITOMETER for Foam Monitoring

Introducing the FROTH-ITOMETER – the tomography package from ITS designed to accurately measure foam, liquid and air levels in a variety of level detection applications. This versatile system is comprised of:

      • Tomography instrument
      • Dip-probe
      • Real-time data analysis software


The FROTH-ITOMETER is used in a variety of industrial applications that involve foaming and defoaming including food and drink production, chemical manufacturing and froth flotation in the mining sector. What’s more, the system is totally scalable, meaning that it can be used in anything from lab-based research, to pilot plants and industrial installations.


The specially designed dip probe included in the FROTH-ITOMETER is both robust (with no moving parts) and can be made from a variety of chemically and physically durable materials in order to fit the requirements of existing tanks. The probe houses an array of electrodes (distributed across its whole length) that use a small A/C current to scan the electrical conductivity of the materials with which it comes into contact. This means that the FROTH-ITOMETER measures the individual levels of water, foam and air simultaneously.


State-of-the-art ITS software then uses these sensor measurements to determine the profile and interfaces along the length of the probe with remarkable accuracy and repeatability through the development of an auto-calibration function, which responds to changing background conditions.


By enabling engineers to accurately monitor foaming and defoaming, the FROTH-ITOMETER enables users to improve efficiency by reducing process downtime and anti-foam costs, whilst also reducing waste and product loss.



ITS Froth-itometer