ITS DENS-ITOMETER for Density Measurements

The DENS-ITOMETER is an electrical conductivity densitometer (ECD) that has earned the name “Gamma Buster” among customers as it is able to replace nuclear based gamma densitometers.


Based on electrical resistance tomography, this new measurement system can take data independent of flow regime and also concentration of measure materials which are neutrally buoyant. The instrument is supplied as a pipe based sensor and a standard IP67 instrument enclosure (600x600x300mm).


On installation, the system is easily calibrated to deliver a concentration measurement based on the volume of solids flowing in the pipe.


Concentration data is provided as a simple 4-20mA signal and where density is required the specific gravity of the solids can be used to convert the volumetric concentration.


The instrument can self-adjust to changes in process conditions. The DENS-ITOMETER has been tested on slurry conveying with 100,000s of tonnes of materials having been processed and delivering data consistent with gamma densitometers. It has also been deployed in food processing as a basis for measuring solids content in pipelines.


Once fitted, the DENS-ITOMETER “Gamma Buster” does not require specially trained personnel, nor does it have a nuclear source that will need changing or maintenance.