Analite Backscatter 180-Degree Probe

The ANALITE Backscatter 180-degree probe series of digital turbidity probes are designed for monitoring applications where very high turbidity values and high sediment loads are a consideration.


Product Details

Specifically, the ANALITE NEP180-OP probe is designed for applications where bio-fouling will build up to obscure the optics such as in long monitoring deployment or placement in warm bio-active waters. The ANALITE integral wiper assembly and optional Copper case is designed for operations where severe bio-fouling or sedimentation buildup is likely.


  • Monitoring of streams, rivers, and water storage
  • Intermediate and final effluent treatment monitoring
  • Hydrological run off studies
  • Ground and bore water analysis
  • Drinking water filtration efficiency
  • Industrial process monitoring
  • Sludge and dredge monitoring