TSI V3V System 9000 series: Volumetric 3- Component Velocimetry

The Volumetric PIV system from TSI offers many unique and outstanding features for your 3D3C measurements for gaseous and liquid flows. With the flexible system configuration, users can select specific camera models as well the V3V camera mounting frame to cater to unique experimental setups, ensuring the most appropriate pixel resolution, frame rate, spatial resolution and volume size for accurate three dimensional results.

The uniquely designed, patented V3V camera mounting frames, V3V-9000-TS and V3V-9000-CS, offer different volume sizes and spatial resolutions required for users’ measurements. The frame allows the camera to be secured quickly such that the system is ready to take measurements in less than 30 minutes.


  • Measure three components of the velocity in a Volume for gaseous and liquid flows
  • Flexible system configurations
  • Selectable camera sets with removable camera configuration
  • Easy and intuitive system setup for fast calibration and measurement results
  • Built-in mounting brackets allowing cameras to be attached onto the V3V-9000 frame quickly and precisely, making the camera system ready for image capture in minutes
  • 3D calibration using automatic slider and control, giving the calibration result in less than 30 minutes
  • Patented mapping function technique identifies the accurate seed particles in location in 3D volumetric space
  • Particle Tracking Processing offers the highest possible velocity vectors in the volume
  • Integrated 3D graphics and display for easy visualization of even complex flow fields


  • Pulsating flows
  • Wind turbine flows
  • Bio-locomotive flows
  • Boundary layer flows
  • Two phase flows with bubbles
  • Flow Structure from flapping wing
  • Flows analysis of biomedical devices
  • Vortex generation

Application Notes
How Frame-Straddling Works