TSI Time Resolved PIV System

TSI Time Resolved PIV System

The Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) technique for the first time offered experimentalists the ability to capture the instantaneous spatial nature of a flow field. TSI PIV systems, incorporating patented processing algorithms such as Hart Correlation, have provided flow field information with very high spatial resolution for several years. However, the temporal resolution of PIV measurements has been limited because the update rate of velocity measurements (governed by the camera frame rate and the laser pulse rate) was too low for most practical applications. The ability to measure flow field evolution as a function of time has always been of great interest to experimentalists.

To obtain detailed temporal and spatial information about flow properties, TSI has developed an integrated, high-frame rate PIV system that makes flow measurements with very high update rates. The detailed temporal statistics obtained globally from these measurements offer unique information about flow dynamics, flow transport and the motion of structures in a flow.


  • New master control unit automates timing control for high speed cameras and other devices
  • High-speed cameras designed specifically for high frame rate applications
  • INSIGHTâ„¢ Data Acquisition, Analysis and Display Software provides complete system control
  • Remote focusing and Scheimpflug adjustment enables remote system alignment
  • Flow measurements with capture rates as high as 10 kHz


  • Measure flow field evolution
  • Obtain unique information on flow dynamics, flow transport, and motion of structures in a flow