TSI PLIF System Stereo PIV

TSI PLIF System Stereo PIV

The TSI Stereo PIV-PLIF system is designed to meet the research needs of anyone needing a fully integrated, turn-key system that provides global species measurements in mixing, materials processing, heat/mass transfer, and other three-dimensional measurement situations. The TSI Stereo PIV-PLIF system uses planar laser-induced fluorescence (PLIF) to provide global concentration measurement of the species of interest in the laser sheet region, and the particle image velocimetry (PIV) technique to obtain the velocity vector field.

The systems are composed of three integrated sub-systems: the Illumination Sub-system, the Imaging Sub-system, and the Display and Analysis Sub-system. The Illumination Sub-system includes a Nd:YAG or Nd:YLF laser, lenses, and beam delivery optics to get the light sheet where you need it. The Imaging Sub-system features two TSI PowerView Cameras with the right resolution, sensitivity, and speed required for your application.

Cameras are available with pixel resolutions exceeding 4000 x 2670, up to 12 bits of pixel depth, and maximum full frame rates up to 3000 frames per second (fps). At partial frame modes, frame rates of up to 250,000 fps are available. The laser and camera are controlled by a TSI LaserPulse Synchronizer, which is fully integrated into the revolutionary Insight 4G Global Imaging software platform, which not only provides data analysis and display capabilities, but also directly controls the hardware components for simple system operation.


  • Seamless integration with TSI PIV systems for simultaneous global velocity measurements
  • Provides global measurements of scalar quantities such as concentration, temperature, pH, and species
  • Advanced analysis algorithms to account for camera noise, background signals, spatial variations in laser sheet intensity, temporal variations in laser pulse energy
  • User-programmable image analysis schemes for maximum experimental flexibility
  • Full range of camera support, including all TSI intensified and un-intensified cameras
  • Excitation wavelength flexibility from UV into IR


  • Mixing studies
  • Contaminant mass transfer
  • Combustion diagnostics