TSI 3788 Nano Water-Based Condensation Particle Counter

TSI 3788 Nano Water-Based Condensation Particle Counter

The TSI 3788 Nano Water-Based Condensation Particle Counter (WCPC) is designed for investigators interested in detecting the smallest nanoparticles. This sophisticated particle counter uses state-of-the-art, water-based condensation technology and features the highest activation energy and lowest detectable particle size of the WCPC family. With less than 0.1 second rise time, the 3788 is the fastest CPC commercially available and its high sample flow rate provides low diffusion losses and low Poisson noise. Other important elements include a thermodynamically optimized growth region and enhanced optical and detection design for impressive signal-to-noise ratios. The 3788 can be used as a stand-alone counter measuring up to 400,000 particles/cm 3 (using single particle counting) or as a component of a TSI SMPS spectrometer.


  • 2.5 nanometer detection
  • Single particle counting to 4 x 10 5 particles/cm 3
  • < 100 millisecond rise time response
  • Sheath flow with high aerosol flow rate for enhanced counting statistics
  • Convenient, eco-friendly water as working fluid
  • 1⁄10 th second data reporting
  • Built-in SMPS™ spectrometer compatibility
  • USB flash drive data storage option
  • Built in Ethernet capability
  • 6 color touch screen with graphical interface


  • Particle formation and growth studies
  • Nanotechnology research or process monitoring
  • Inhalation or exposure chamber studies
  • Combustion and engine exhaust studies