TSI 3031200 Environmental Sampling System

The TSI 3031200 Environmental Sampling System is an accessory for use with a wide variety of TSI particle sizers and counters, including the 3031 Ultrafine Particle Monitor, 3938 Scanning Mobility Particle Size Spectrometer (SMPS) and a number of condensation particle counters. It provides representative sampling and proper conditioning of ambient submicrometer aerosol for accurate size distribution and particle number concentration. The 3031200 consists of standard components conveniently packaged together for you. Combine these components with your choice of appropriate length sampling tubes and vacuum source for easy setup in the field.


  • Standard PM10 inlet
  • Sharp cut PM1 cyclone
  • Easy setup
  • Low-maintenance drying system
  • Minimal particle losses
  • Compatibility with a wide variety of TSI particle counters and sizers


  • Standard PM10 inlet – provides standardised size-selective sampling of outdoor aerosol
  • Sharp cut PM1 cyclone – removes large particles to avoid contamination of the UFP Monitor
  • Flow splitter – splits the inlet sample flow to enable sub-sampling a portion of the flow into the particle measurement system
  • Nafion dryer – conditions the sample to reduce effects of relative humidity on the aerosol