TSI 2D Measurement PIV System

TSI 2D Measurement PIV System

Particle image velocimetry (PIV) systems measure the instantaneous global velocity field in a flowing fluid. Since introducing the first commercial PIV system in 1988, TSI has led the way in PIV innovation and technology. The 2D PIV system maintains this tradition by incorporating the most advanced analysis schemes in a completely re-engineered software platform built for flexibility and expansion. Features such as grid deformation, the patented Hart and Rohaly-Hart Correlation algorithms, and other algorithms from our exclusive license to MicroPIV technology such as ensemble correlation averaging and background correction, ensure the highest possible measurement accuracy even in sparsely seeded flows and flows with large spatial velocity gradients.


  • Grid deformation for high accuracy measurements even in the presence of large spatial velocity gradients
  • On-line measurement and display of velocity field
  • Patented analysis algorithms such as the Hart and Rohaly-Hart Correlations
  • Ensemble correlation averaging, dynamic background correction, and other proprietary algorithms stemming from our exclusive licence of microPIV technology


  • Design optimization in flow devices
  • Fluid mechanics research
  • Validation of CFD result