ITS Research & Education Package

ITS Research & Education Package for Labs and Pilot Plants

ITS is pleased to announce a range of research and education packages specifically designed to meet the needs of R&D centers, universities and research institutions around the world.


Packages can be tailored to whatever field your research focuses on, with popular packages including:

      • Standard Research Package: for reactions, mixing, bubble columns, and packed beds
      • Mining Research Package: for slurry monitoring, flotation, and separation
      • Oil and Gas Research Package: for 2-phase flow, 3-phase flow, interface detection, and separation


In addition to its many research applications, our Research & Education Packages are also utilised as powerful teaching tools in the areas of:

      • Standard unit processes (such as mixing, flow, reactions and separation)
      • Process modelling
      • Instrumentation



  • Tomography instrument
  • Standard pipe or vessel based sensor
  • ITS tomography Toolsuite software
  • Training and installation