ITS FLOW-ITOMETER for Visualising Flows

ITS FLOW-ITOMETER for Visualising Flows

Developed from decades of experience with industrial flow applications, the ITS FLOW-ITOMETER provides visual and quantitative information on pipeline contents live and in real time.


A highly versatile tomography package, the FLOW-ITOMETER can be applied in scales from millimetres to metres, making it both a powerful research tool as well as an indispensable production monitoring tool that works wells with:

      • Flowing liquids
      • Multiphase flows
      • Slurries
      • Pastes
      • Gels
      • Pneumatic systems, and more


The FLOW-ITOMETER works by measuring the electrical properties of the whole cross section of the pipe and using these measurements to output real time qualitative images of the inside of the pipe, as well as quantitative figures such as solids content, gas holdup, homogeneity, flow rates and more.


The FLOW-ITOMETER can be inserted into any existing pipeline using standard fittings/flanges, meaning it can be easily retrofitted. The system doesn’t have moving parts or complex sensor assemblies, requires minimal one-time calibration and experiences no inherent drift. As such it has been extensively used in a number of industries ranging from pure academia to process control in food and drink, oil and gas, chemical and mineral processing.


The technology is not however limited to pipeline flows. It can also be used to monitor vessel mixing, reactions, and separations.