Litron LPY Series High Energy Lasers

Litron LPY Series High Energy Lasers

Rugged, invar stabilised, pulsed Nd:YAG lasers with high energy and high Performance for industrial and scientific applications.

The LPY series of pulsed lasers have been designed to suit almost any industrial or research application in which a high-energy or high-specification Nd:YAG laser is required. Based around a fully self supporting invar rail the LPY series exhibit both exceptional mechanical and thermal stability. A ‘no-compromise’ design approach is evidenced in the build quality, a parameter that sets these lasers well apart from any of their competitors.

The modular design of the laser head allows a wide variety of resonator configurations to be offered, from single rod oscillators to fully birefringence compensating twin-rod-oscillator, twin-rod-amplifier systems. Furthermore, a choice of stable, stable-telescopic or unstable Gaussian-coupled resonators is available, allowing the customer to specify a system that suits their requirements.

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  • Rugged invar stabilised construction
  • Modular design
  • Birefringence compensation
  • Injection seeded option
  • Line narrowing etalon option
  • IGBT switching for long lamp life


  • LPY 600 Series
  • LPY 700 Series
  • LPY 7000 Series
  • LPY 10J Custom Series
  • 0 – 20Hz Lasers
  • 30 – 50Hz Lasers
  • 100 – 200Hz Lasers
  • True TEM00 Lasers
  • Injection Seeded Lasers