Litron Custom Laser Systems

In addition to its standard range, Litron produces a great variety of custom systems, both based on standard modules and, where necessary, offers a complete design to fit your needs.


The high degree of modularity in the design of Litron’s lasers, both mechanical and electrical, yields a platform ideally suited to non-standard bespoke systems. Mechanically the invar rail structure and associated optical and mechanical mounts form a set of components whose placement within the rail are largely variable. Due to this almost any optical configuration can be achieved with absolutely standard components. This is a significant advantage when adapting an existing design to a specific requirement or when producing an entirely new type of system.


In addition to standard parts Litron owns a engineering company that runs CNC mills and CNC lathes. Such a facility allows rapid prototyping and production engineering of mechanical parts allowing even the most bespoke of systems to be produced and delivered rapidly.


Litron designs and manufactures all of the electronics within its lasers. As a result a large portfolio of standard parts are available from capacitor chargers to CW diode drivers. This again is extremely advantageous to producing custom systems in a cost effective and timely manner.