Meet the next generation PortaCount 8040 and 8048

Recently launched by TSI, the new PortaCount platform offers new software and features that will revolutionise your program's efficiency and productivity to assure worker safety. With an intuitive interface featuring animated guides, wi-fi connectivity and real-time results, the new series builds on the strengths of...

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Flowmeter Calibration Now Available in Melbourne

We've upgraded our calibration facilities and are excited to announce that we are now able to offer As Found calibration for general purpose flowmeters at our Melbourne office. Whereas previously we would need to ship your unit overseas to be calibrated, our new lab means...

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Our Biggest Ex-Rental Sale Yet!

As part of our continuing mission to upgrade our rental fleet, we are giving you a reason to celebrate offering with our largest collection of ex-rental instruments available at discounts of ~50% or more. As usual, all units are in excellent condition, come freshly calibrated...

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TSI 8530 DustTrak II Ex-Rental Sale, Round 2

If you missed out on our sale last time, here's your second chance to purchase a discounted DustTrak!   As part of the continuous upgrade of our rental fleet, we are excited to announce round two of our ex-rental TSI 8530 DustTrak II sale, with a further 5 units now available...

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TSI 8530 DustTrak II Ex-Rental Sale

* Sorry! This promotion has now ended. But we’ll continue to update our rental fleet, so will have more ex-rental units available soon. Want to know when units become available? Contact our team with your details and we’ll make sure you’re kept in the loop....

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HVAC deals to help keep you cool

* Sorry! This promotion has now ended. Thank you everyone who made an enquiry, and to those who purchased - we hope you're enjoying your new gear. We will keep you posted of future HVAC offers, but if you have any questions in the meantime...

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DustTrak + Q-Trak Bundle Deal

* Sorry! This promotion has now ended. We'll be in touch soon with more great bundle deals.   Combine two of TSI's star performers in one super deal.   Together, the DustTrak Handheld Aerosol Monitor and Q-Trak Multi-Function Indoor Air Quality Meter will provide you with CO, CO2, temperature,...

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